The EASEL CHAIR has its name from its resemblance with a painter’s easel. The chair has three legs, which makes it stable on any surface inside or outside the house. The triangular shape of the chair makes it fit easily into corners.  

A three legged chair is nothing new, but the design of The Easel Chair T+T is unique.

Our first model was partly inspired by a traditional three legged African chair made of fresh branches bent by hands and joined together with nails. We worked with the design and made it suitable for transport, easy to assemble and improved the strength of the chair.

Our first model was designed and constructed in Mozambique around the year 2000. It was made by local craftsmen using African hard wood. This firstmodel has proved it´s functionality and durability throughout the years, and in 2012 we decided to produce a model in Denmark refining the details according to Danish furniture design tradition.

The chair is delivered in a knock down form, and is easy to assemble without using any tools. You only have to place three wooden oak dowels. The chair is made entirely of northern European oak wood of the highest quality.

THE EASEL CHAIR T+T is designed by the architects Ole and Nis Timmer for TIMMER+TIMMER FURNITURE, Copenhagen and produced by the Danish woodwork and carpentry firm CC DESIGN, Vallensbæk, Denmark. 

The furniture from TIMMER+TIMMER  is delivered with the logo and serial number on the back of the seat. 

We have several new projects on the drawing board which will be revealed on the website when they are ready to be produced.

All TIMMER+TIMMER  furniture is produced in Denmark using only the highest quality wood. 

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